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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  December 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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y $2.99 for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, "yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday." safeway. ingredients for life. and it's not the first timee and it's not the first timee stat you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news in high definition. about the reason why. vandals take a bay area radio station off the air and it's not the first time. the station owner's suspicions about the reason why. >> the plane, it's totaled. nobody inside survived. >> it appears to be a tragic ending to a promising show business career. latina superstar jenni rivera dead after a plane crash. >> the bay area's love of crab leaving a sour taste in fishermen's mouth, the impact of a shortage and how restaurants will get around it. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. we begin with developing
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news. two people have been found bound and gagged in the middle of a san francisco street. police are at brussels and mantle in the city's bayview neighborhood trying to figure out what happened. the man and woman were alive but unconscious and their injuries are life threatening. there are no suspect descriptions and no motive yet for what happened. a vallejo radio station is off the air again. it's not the first time the community station has been trashed by vandals. as cbs5's don knapp reports, the station owner has his suspicions about the reason why. >> we got a lot more artists coming up next. >> reporter: disc jockey katherine knots plays her radio station over the internet because the vandals cut the wires at the base of the small station's tower. >> they took some pretty expensive equipment. it's going to take us a while to get back up. this is the third time this year we've been sabotaged. >> reporter: what is it david
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martin's station is doing? >> i know it's not our content. we are a community radio station and play independent music and talk about local events and the second phase is to bolster nonprofits. we're talking about things that happen in vallejo. >> reporter: these images show the transmitter shack, how the radios and solar cell and batteries were stolen. martin wonders is it racially motivated? >> i've never been one to jump on that bandwagon but three times in one year just makes me think there's got to be something to that. >> reporter: in fact, the n word was spray painted on the building in an earlier vandalism. martin says he doesn't want to say it's racism, but he fears it is. >> i hope not. i hope not, but i'm only one man. i can only fight so long and like i said, this is community radio. >> reporter: twice before donors have come through with money to make repairs for the station, but martin says he
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can't keep going back to donors. what he needs is to have the vandals caught. don knapp, cbs5. a latina superstar is feared dead after her plane crashed in mexico. lost contact with air traffc the small plane carrying mexican american singer jenni rivera lost contact with air traffic controllers 10 minutes after taking off from monterrey, mexico. she had just performed a concert. seven people including the pilot and crew were believed to be on the plane. the 43-year-old was born and raised in long beach. ue pitcher esteban lo >> it's such a big shock to the family. it's incredible, something that most of you people that know my sister, she was a very strong person. she fight for everything in life. >> rivera recently divorced former major league pitcher esteban loiza who once played for the oakland a's. riffraffs named mexican music artist of the year -- rivera was named mexican music artist
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of the year. a suspect in a shooting at an indian reservation was shot by police. 31-year-old hector salaya was the prime suspect of a shooting on a reservation. he was on the run with his two daughters. deputies chased him after he ignored stop signs. deputies say he shot both his daughters and one of them has life threatening injuries. a vigil for a man shot to death outside his antioch home last night. police found a 40 glide man with multiple gun -- 43-year- old man with multiple gunshot wounds in front of his house last night just before 11:00. police have not released the victim's name. they are still looking for the shooter and the motive. an emotional win for america's team with one teammate dead and another in jail accused of killing him, the cowboys showed their resilience on and off the field. >> reporter: dallas cowboy josh brent walked out of a texas jail sunday, a day after
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he was charged in a car crash that killed his teammate. >> jerry brown was my dear best friend. i'm just trying to deal with his death right now. >> reporter: police say the defensive lineman was driving drunk early saturday and lost control of his 2007 mercedes killing jerry brown who was a passenger in the car. brent is charged with intoxication manslaughter. hours before his release an emotional dallas cowboys team took the field in cincinnati. there was a moment of silence before the game and brown's jersey was placed on the bench. >> i think there was a feeling of numbness out on the field today, but somehow they focused it and we figured out a way to win this ballgame. >> reporter: brown played on the practice squad. players say the 25-year-old was a rising star. >> he'd be walking by keep doing what you're doing. you're going to be on the field and he had a big smile. he's the guy that loved to play the game. >> reporter: brent and brown were teammates at the university of illinois. this isn't the first run-in with the law for the cowboys
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nose tackle. in 2009 brent pleaded guilty to dui. >> think about josh and tough situation that he's obviously in now and it's just, you know, a hard situation. there's no playbook for this sort of thing in life. >> reporter: the cowboys say they're standing by brent. if convicted, he faces a minimum of two years behind bars. ckson joined other reverend jesse jackson was in san francisco today to celebrate peace sunday. jackson joined other religious leaders and mayor ed lee at city hall to highlight the city's violence prevention initiative. the focus of the initiative is to get parents involved in their children's lives to keep them from the cycle of crime and violence. >> i'm convinced the best idea to fight violence is jobs, job training, hope and the future. >> jackson also expressed his support for a revival on the ban on assault weapons. fresh crab in san francisco
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synonymous for years but not so much this past week. cbs5 reporter anne makovec reports on the shortage that put a crimp in the crab festival. >> reporter: this weekend's annual crab festival is sold out at fisherman's wharf. fans are favoring what's left of a short supply of crab dungeness. fishermen have been on strike for a week and before that they've been slowed by the storm. >> we're all out. >> we don't have crab left right now. >> whatever we got is whatever we can get. >> reporter: the strike is all about price. wholesalers and fishermen had agreed on $3 a pound at the start of the season, but demand went down after thanksgiving, so wholesalers want to pay a quarter to 75 cents less. the crab boat owners association has so far said no deal. >> it should be worth as much or more than we got paid before. >> to be honest, those prices would be fine for me. >> reporter: crabber brandon
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williams took his boat out to set traps this morning, but he won't harvest them until the strike is over. >> we'll get in some trouble if we started actually delivering to some of these companies here. >> reporter: but he's hoping i can do so soon. >> it would be -- he can do so soon. >> it would be great to get out there and start putting money in our pockets. >> reporter: some restaurants are resorting to frozen crab in the meantime. >> people love crab, so they're going to have crab any way they can get it. >> reporter: crab fishermen are meeting tomorrow morning at 10:00 to discuss their next step. have voted to ratify one last step needed to end a labor dispute between the port of oakland and its union. the dockworkers have voted to ratify a new four year contract. last month the workers went on a strike that disrupted port operations. the tentative agreement includes a 2.5% cost of living rate. the contract goes to the board of port commissioners for
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approval. it is not anything anyone would ever expect on a restaurant bill, three california women mortified about what they saw, the insult that has a server in hot water. >> shock and surprise for the city of vallejo, what was dug up during a dredging project, why it's considered a very good sign not only for the city but for the health of the napa river. >> shock and surprise two weeks from christmas and we had record highs in the bay area. now the warmest day of the week to come and the wentest day as eyewitness news continues on cbs5. ,, you won't take my life.
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signs of marine life in the waters off vallejo, where oe particular an unexpected find in san francisco bay is stirring some excitement. signs in marine life in the waters off vallejo where one particular mollusk hadn't been spotted in over a century. cbs5 reporter don ford on what the sign could mean. >> reporter: the city of vallejo was dredging their public marina when they dug something up, something no one expected, something odd. >> i've been here 23 years and i've never seen these guys before. >> reporter: california oysters, although small and not too many, these oysters are sensitive to water quality. folks here believe it's a good
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sign. >> obviously the water is getting better. the quality is getting much improved, which is very nice. >> reporter: this hasn't always been the case. for over 100 years a shipyard operated across the river and lend has it once in the 1940s the water caught fire. that combined with agricultural runoff on the napa valley created some nasty water. downriver matthew sears manages the 112-year-old vallejo yacht club. he says since the shipyard closed and farming practices have improved wildlife is returning. >> we get to see little juvenile seal who is constantly using our harbor for fishing. he gets the salmon and striped bass. >> reporter: there's still a lot of work to be done, but these small critters are making a big splash. while these oysters are a good indicator the napa river is getting better all the time, i still wouldn't eat them. in vallejo don ford, cbs5.
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roberta is here with a look at our forecast and there's a little rain. >> there's a bit of everything in our seven-day forecast. first off today we had two record high temperatures in the bay area. tonight it's not as cold as last night at this hour. we head over to -- you know what this is? it's the san francisco fire department along with the police department and the san francisco fire boat guardian set on alert near the bay bridge. that's fire station 35 there near pier 22.5 and they are all adorned in holiday cheer. that's near the bay bridge where today we had a high temperature of 66 degrees, 8 degrees above normal in san francisco. right there, that is a brand- new record in oakland at 66 degrees at the airport shattering the old record that was established back in 1976. look at santa rosa, 14 degrees
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above average, 67 in san jose. this is the embarcardero, lot of clear skies. tomorrow we'll have the offshore flow continuing. tonight right now 40s and 50s across the board dipping down between the 30s and mid-40s across the central bay, 43 in mountain view and los altos and woodside. otherwise, sure, we have rain right now banging up against the pacific northwest trying to make tracks in the easterly direction towards billings, montana. that storm track has been diverted by this huge dome of high pressure contributing to an offshore flow, so everybody is under the abundance of sunshine, but watch carefully. futurecast tomorrow morning dense fog throughout the central valley and then watch what happens. nothing. the offshore flow continues through tuesday, but wait. here it comes. this is an area of low pressure providing us with rain showers overnight tuesday night, a very wet sloppy wednesday morning commute. you'll need that umbrella, on
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again off again throughout your wednesday and wait till you see that seven-day forecast, but first stop to kick start a brand-new workweek, 63 during the afternoon hours. then throughout sacramento and stockton, a foggy start in fresno, merced and modesto and manteca, 50 degrees in tahoe and dipping down to 19 degrees, cold enough to make the snow, 8 inches of snow anticipated by wednesday. 60s across the board anywhere from the coast through the avenues, 66 in sunnyvale, these temperatures all very uniform due to the northeast breeze 5 to 15 miles per hour, 67 degrees outside number, brentwood, tracy, oakley 67 degrees, danville and blackhawk mid-and high 60s and santa rosa, slightly cooler than today but still above average. here's a look at the extended forecast, albeit cooler tuesday the offshore flow continues until we caught up tuesday night. there's 3/4-inch of rain on
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wednesday's forecast. we begin to dry out thursday and daily chances of rain friday through sunday and as we begin to slide towards christmas it looks like we're in and out of rain. christmas looks dry during the day put rain all the days leading up -- but rain all the days leading up to it. a group of women was shocked and appalled about their bill at a restaurant in the central valley. it had nothing to do with the amount they were charged or the food they ordered. it had everything to do with what was at the top of their receipt. >> reporter: christina duran and her friends enjoyed their evening at the cameo club casino's restaurant, but when the check came, christina couldn't believe her eyes. >> i got the bill and looking at the bill and i was like why does this receipt say fat girls? >> reporter: at first her friends assumed she was joking. >> i was laughing at her and she goes i'm serious. i'm not no. let me see it. >> she was like they're lying and i'm not no, i'm serious. she was like fat girls. >> i was like give me that and
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i thought oh, heck no. >> reporter: when the server returned, he denied having anything to do with it. he explained jeff, the name on the receipt, must have typed the words into the system, but jeff was gone. so the three demanded to see a manager. >> he had a smirk on his face like it was funny but trying not to laugh. >> reporter: the manager apologized, but his first reaction was to offer 25% off the bill. the ladies were shocked. >> he was like well, i could do 50%. >> reporter: christina took a photo of the receipt and although she was embarrassed she wanted others to see it. >> because it's wrong. >> reporter: all three ladies say they can understand why people will laugh when they first hear the story, but after a while it's no laughing matter. >> it's not funny. it's like i can just see it over and over again. still can't believe it. it's something we have to deal
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with. >> reporter: we wanted to know how something like this could happen, so we asked the management at the cameo club casino. >> i was really appalled at obviously the behavior. >> reporter: bar manager jimmy seemers was not working the night it happened, but when he found out, he questioned jeff who admitted to typing the words into the system. >> i don't think he understood because he was busy but that's no excuse. >> reporter: he remains suspended while management continues to investigate. could you see anything that would basically save this guy's job? >> no. >> reporter: in the meantime the manager has a message for the women. >> i just want to tell them we're sincerely sorry for that and we'll do everything in our power to make sure nothing happens like this again. >> reporter: nonetheless it isn't clear that anything could make up for the damage done. >> i still can't believe it. i can't get it out of my mind what happened to us. i can't believe that somebody would put that on a receipt. >> we can't change it. it's something that we have to live with, all three of us. no need to panic over last
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minute holiday shopping, how one retail giant is taking stress out of the christmas countdown. >> coming up next on gameday the 49ers 1 the football game, but the division is -- win the football game, but the division is anything but a lock. what they must do to win the nfc west and we'll be joined in studio by harrison barnes and sergio romo will close the show. who else? gameday coming up in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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thanks to falling gas price. the lundberg survey says a gallon of gas was ten cents cheaper in recent weeks. maybe more money for holiday presents, a lundberg survey saying a gallon of gas
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was 10 cents cheaper than in recent weeks putting the average price at 3.38, but the cheapest price in california is $3.48 in stockton and 3.73 in bakersfield is the most expensive. the statewide average is 3.52. you'll have more time to spend that extra savings on your last minute holiday shopping. macy's says it will stay open 65 hours straight the weekend before christmas. macy's will open at 7 a.m. friday december 21st and stay open nonstop until midnight sunday. it's a trend that started on a small scale six years ago, but this year the company says all 800 stores will take part. consumers are expected to spend nearly $600 billion this holiday season. the menorah lighting ceremony will continue each night at 5:00 except for the eighth and final night. next friday will be lit at 3:00 with the second lighting at the westfield mall and then
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celebration with hanukkah treats. the festival of lights commemorates the triumph of a small band of jewish fighters over the syrian army. many have shopped till they drop for the holidays already and what makes tomorrow a record day for fedex. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest
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moving back to the top slot ening out santa claus and the easter bunny. the latest james bond adventure skyfall earned $11 million the animated adventure rise of the guardian took in 10.5 million. breaking dawn part 2 , lincoln and life of pi rounded out the top five. it's been a brisk holiday shop season already and now it's time to ship. fedex is gearing up for its busiest day of the year tomorrow, record 19 million packages expected to be shipped, more than double the amount on a typical day. most of the increase in shipments is because of a big jump in online holiday orders. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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this nta speedo r santa christmas! >> not the typical way you view santa, but here are 250 of them donned in speedos, the inaugural santa speedo run held in tampa bay, florida. there is a serious theme. the event supports a pediatric program that helps children affected by hiv and aids. the program supplies holiday gifts, meals, parties and backpacks with school supplies for children. i hope we didn't give you nightmares. dennis o'donnell's gameday is next. he's standing by. you're ready to talk about the 49ers. see you next weekend.
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